Golden Years Wellness

Golden Years Wellness Individual Therapy

At Bring Hope, our supports do not end at age 65. You are living your life and have a wealth of experiences and knowledge. However, getting older comes with greater challenges and changes that many are not prepared for or even want to except.  Our wellness supports and services for older adults focus helping you  strengthen your supports, explore and celebrate your accomplishments in life and live out your life with the dignity and happiness you deserve.

If you are experiencing any of the following, we can help:

  • Going through difficult changes with your health?
  • Finding yourself more tired during the day and having difficulties sleeping at night?
  • Feeling irritable, sad, or questioning life and its purpose post
  • Dealing with complicated feelings with a loved one, whom you are
    caring for?
  • Feeling lonely and socially isolated before COVID until even now?
  • Lost a loved one and need someone to talk to?

Bring Hopes individual therapy service offers one-to-one talk therapy to help you through what you need to work through. Let us be your guide, the listener you need and to answer the question you may have.

We can help with Men’s issues, women’s issues, loss, care giver burnout for a loved one, and exploring your own purpose and meaning in life.

Golden Years Wellness Group Supports

At Bring Hope, we also offer groups supports for adults living the golden age of their life. Our groups are as followed:

  • Caregiver Group
  • Adjusting to Retirement Group
  • Grief and Loss Groups
  • Substance Abuse and Use Groups
  • Men’s Group
  • Women’s Group

All of our groups place a focus on building social supports and offering education that meets your needs.

Golden Years Wellness Bedside Therapy

Growing older and the changes that come with age are difficult enough. At Bring Hope, we understand that wellness supports like counseling or therapy cannot always be done in an office setting. Our bedside therapy service goes a step beyond the typical therapy and counseling and comes to you.  Let us be there for you or your loved one when they need us most, whether it is a long-term bed stay or an in home hospice support and listen.