Intensive Outpatient (IOP) – Substance Abuse

Intensive Outpatient (IOP) Wellness Restoration Group

Where To Start

Inpatient substance abuse treatment can be emotionally, socially, and professionally disruptive. Our IOP wellness restoration group goes above and beyond the traditional IOP program. We offer a 16-week, 9 hour per week broken into three days of 180-minute wellness and restoration supports that are tailored to your individual needs. Working with a professional and warm mannered counselor weekly, you will have a partner who will guide you through the journey to wellness restoration.

The Group - Education And Support

Groups are a key part of Bring Hopes IOP Wellness Restoration process because they offer key education influenced on the SAMSHA Matrix model, for Example:

  • Educating clients about SUDs, patterns and consequences of use, relapse risks, the treatment process,
    and types of mutual-support groups
  • Providing early recovery, coping, and relapse prevention skills
  • Building recovery supports, including the use of peer support services and mutual-support groups
    Addressing obstacles to engaging in treatment and maintaining recovery
  • Providing physical and psychological symptom management by monitoring and addressing the
    symptoms or referring the client, as indicated
  • Engaging families, as defined by the client, and providing education on SUDs, patterns and
    consequences of use, family dynamics, and treatment and recovery processes
  • Providing emotional support and enhancing motivation

Groups also offer mutual support alongside other individuals who are also working through the wellness restoration. Each group member is unique with his or her own experiences including strengths that together in the group offer a wealth of support for each other to help strengthen growth and long-term abstinence from Alcohol and other abused Substances.

The Pillars Of Support For Bring Hopes IOP Wellness Restoration Program That Supports Your Success Are:

Four major dimensions of Wellness Restoration

  • Health: Make informed, healthy choices that support physical and emotional well-being.
  • Home: Have a stable and safe place to live.
  • Purpose: Engage in meaningful daily activities, such as a job or school, volunteering, caring for your family, or being creative. Work for independence, income, and resources to participate in society.
  • Community: Build relationships and social networks that provide support